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Handmade Moisturizing Lipsticks Made in France - Lafaelle


LAFAELLE, is a story of passion and friendship, above all.

Inspired by the chemistry of cosmetics and entrepreneurship, Fatiha El Ouadi and Léa Renaudin are the founders

of the 1st French brand specializing in manufacturing of handmade moisturizing lipsticks.  



Creating a high end lipstick brand with the focus mainly on expertise of production was always going to be a challenge. But as the DNA of the brand was about caring  as much as glamourising your lips, it was imperative to stick to this.

Millions of us wear lipstick daily and we all know that the two concerns faced by women are 'dryness' and 'lasting'!

Our research and development team has been working hard on trying to find ways to minimise these issues and achieve a formulation that nourishes as well as glamourises your lips at the same time

Our innovative formulas rich in natural waxes and oils ensure moisturized lips for 8 hours. 

To not choose between moisturizing and make up your lips becomes possible.

*Efficiency test

All our lipstick products are handmade in our laboratory in France.

We conceptualise and create each shade by selecting the mineral pigments and adding to this a mixture of natural oils and waxes, which go through a heating process and are liquified.

This liquid is then poured into our moulds to cool down and form solid stick of lipstick.   







As a woman, we know how special we are. Beauty, power, elegance, strength and the power to give... we know it is not just these cliches that make us, it is way beyond that. 

We are unique in our own right. Each of us, from whichever country, race or colour we come from, there is that uniqueness that binds us, that makes us women


During this age where everything feminine seem to have become the domain of men (did they do this because we started wearing their pants ?). Thankfully, there are still a few things that are still only for women.

Lipstick is one of those things and every women hold it the closest to their heart. It is a very small but cherished part of her belongings that she can get intimate with anytime and anyplace. It has the power to remind her of her own feminity and it gives her a soft assurance of her uniqueness

LAFAELLE aims to have as many shades of lipsticks as it can for that unique aspect of you. Each shade tries to come the closest to your uniqueness and we hope to help you find the beauty and the power that you have within. 

LAFAELLE- Reflecting your own personality