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Handmade Moisturizing Lipsticks Made in France - Lafaelle

LAFAELLE is above all the story of a friendship, the one of two schoolmates who met again years later on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and decided to create the first French brand specializing in handmade, high-end lipsticks.

Léa was a chemical engineer specialized in cosmetics, Fatiha had a successful business career. What was supposed to be a simple friends’ reunion became the stepping stone of an ambitious and sincere project around the same passion: feminity and its great diversity. The two founders of Lafaelle decided then to focus all their talents and efforts on an iconic item which embodies both women’s beauty and spirit: a lipstick.

New York is definitely an inspiring place for great ideas but the two young women chose France to establish their brand and create the perfect lipstick, brightly matte and very moisturizing. France indeed has an extensive savoir-faire and a longtime tradition as a pioneer in terms of makeup and cosmetic care.

LAFAELLE has achieved a great challenge: to combine a covering effect and a matte finish with a hydrating and nourishing care, available in a range of shades for every skin tone and every mood, from the most natural to the most intense.

Cleopatra already used makeup to enhance her lips. The story does not tell if the coquettish queen also complained that it dried her lips out! Centuries later, lipsticks have become a leading product of the cosmetic industry without managing to solve the daily dilemma faced by millions of women: highly pigmented textures which dry out the delicate lips epidermis or moisturizing formula whose color does not glow and fades away in a minute.

It took months of research and a dedicated team of experts for Lafaelle to find a significantly innovative formula, rich with premium quality natural waxes and oils to insure moisturized lips up to 8 hours* along with a long lasting coverage.

*efficiency test performed on 10 women.

All our lipstick products are handmade in our laboratory in France.

Each shade is imagined and created thanks to multiple sources of inspiration and a careful selection of mineral pigments of excellent quality.

Each creation begins with the mixing of oils, pigments and natural waxes which are heated until they become fully liquid. The whole mixture is poured into a mold and then turn into a stick which is unmolded once it has cooled down. It is the most delicate part of the process which is entirely done in our French lab until packaging.

Handmade manufacturing allows a more precise and careful execution. Each person in charge of the different steps has been recruited for his/her passion for craftsmanship and has been trained to perfectly master the process. Besides Lafaelle’s will to carry on the tradition of a renowned and unique French savoir-faire, handmade manufacturing makes it possible to better control energetic resources and to offer then a product with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Every woman possesses it. Wherever she comes from, whether she is a housewife or a business woman, a family mum or a single lady, whether she enjoys being naturally elegant or very sophisticated, every woman shares in her own way this unique blend of strength and grace.

Similar and different, unique and united as women, no matter the origins, the background or the skin color, Lafaelle celebrates women’s uniqueness with L’inédit Mat.

In times when women’s voice gets heard louder and louder but when every day is a new challenge, Lafaelle reinvents and enhances this pleasure ritual, this moment of intimacy with oneself, this feel-good gesture, whether lipstick is an armor or an invitation, a weapon of seduction or a sign of self-confidence, a desire for assertiveness or a search for harmony.

All of that can be found in a 4 grams stick? Yes, all of that!

Lafaelle offers a wide range of shades, from the warmest to the most subtle, for all skin tones, all personalities and all occasions. All you have to do is pick one!

"When we created Lafaelle, we wanted to celebrate women’s beauty, their determination, their gentleness, their individuality and their solidarity. We have put all our heart and expertise in it – in the name of women and because we are women. You don’t have to choose anymore between moisturizing care and colored makeup for your lips. You can find one or even more color(s) that makes you feel beautiful. We wish you nice stories to live and to share with L’inédit Mat by Lafaelle."