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Handmade & Moisturizing Lipsticks | Lafaelle

A matte and moisturizing lipstick ? Lafaelle has created it for you. Discover l'inédit mat

30 shades elaborated with care and passion reflecting your own personnality.

Handmade lipsticks that moisturizes your lips for 8 hours.

We carefully selected premium natural ingredients for their unique properties and from the most renowned producers to offer you the best moisturizing lipstick. With our innovative nourishing formula, you will have perfectly moisturized lips all day long.

A blend of 3 natural oils carefully chosen.

A highly moisturizing pigmentes matte lipstick. 

Lafaelle's long-lasting coverage lipsticks will enable you to wear lipstick all day long. You won't need to check your lipstick anymore. Say goodbye to flaking, smudging or drying out ! Our moisturizing matte lipsticks are perfect for work or for a night out. Just pick the color between red, orange, pink, purple, brown and nude and give it a try !

A velvety matte finish and a creamy texture for the best comfort

Why are Lafaelle's lipsticks just perfect for your dry lips? Because they are made of premium quality oils which provide a natural protection, our moisturizing lipsticks are 100% efficient in hydrating your lips. On top of nourishing your lips, the creamy texture of Lafaelle’s lipsticks is easy to apply and offers the best comfort ever.

There are many options so that you can find the right moisturizing lipstick for you. We have created 30 different shades including brown and dark red lipsticks. You can find nude matte lipsticks for those of you who want their lipsticks to look very natural. If you want to know what lipstick is right for your skin tone or need further advice, please contact us and we will advise you.